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First Semester Success!
So first semester is done! and into second semester I go! Wish me luck?

First semester was fun! I can't wait to start my project in selling destinations 2. If you didn't guess I would choose Japan then you don't know me very well :P Luckily I have been there before so at the very least I have a rough idea on were to start.

They are only giving me 20 minutes to talk about it. Only 20! yeeshh! I could talk about it for days and weeks, and still have more to say!

LARPing was awesome this weekend. I really appreciate the people who LARP with me . RAVEN LARP is awesome, misfits unite! Come play in our sandbox and we will make you feel welcome :)

Been working on some music , I managed to do 2 really good recordings of Tell me what the Rain knows from Wolf's Rain, and I will always love you from TRC . I wish I had someone who could appreciate it with me. I miss that passion. Oh well.